The Creators Of Adam And
Eve Have Been Found
Ninhursag - a creator of the human race
   Archaeologists and translators of ancient texts, along with dedicated historians, archaeologists and revisionists, have pieced together long lost records of early human history, and, in doing so, have unearthed indisputable facts concerning human creation and the mysterious gods of old.
  The tale of the creation of our earliest forebears, along with records that describe how and why these advanced entities arrived on Earth, have also come to light with the translation of ancient Sumerian tablets and other finds. The tale is covered in The Resonant Factor along with other astounding information never before presented.

Another Shocking Discovery...

  While the task of unraveling the Adam and Eve enigma was still happening, another major discovery showed up – one that linked the creator gods to a malevolent, other-dimensional race that was later proven to have been active on the planet for millennia. Investigations soon established this bizarre influence as the cause of a meteoric rise in lawlessness gripping the planet at this time.
  Where these critter came from and why they are moving in on human lives at this time is precisely spelt out in The Resonant Factor, which presents a logical report on what the ancients warned us about in preserved records that are thousands of years old. 

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From Before Human
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The reason for human creation was known by
our distant ancestors.
It will shock you.
* * *
Ancient records reveal
the true identity of the
Bible's Jehovah.
* * *
Old scrolls give Jesus'
full name and tell of his
controversial status
as a 'Savior.'

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You are one step from answers to age-old questions that have baffled philosophers for thousands of years, and continue to do so.
So Who Were
These Gods
Who Created Mankind?
The Geneticist God Enki from Nibiru

The Ancient Geneticist God Enki (above), assisted by his half-sister, the goddess Ninti/ Ninhursag (below), embarked on the genetic creation of the race in scientific laboratories in southern Africa thousands of years ago.

  We now know the names of the gods who created Adam and Eve, where they came from and exactly why the mission was planned all those years ago.
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