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   Article Category 2: Beliefs That Shaped Human Destiny. . .
    01 - Church Adopted Double Standards For Control Of The Peasantry

    02 - Augustine Voiced Opposing Viewpoints On Flat Earth Policy

    03 - The Creators Of Adam And Eve Have Been Found.

    04 - Other Dimensional Worlds Recognized By Great Minds Of All Ages.
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   Article Category 3: The Odd, Mysterious And Sinister . . .
     01 - Technology Declares Obama and Osama 'Identical'.

     02 - Everything Is Identical Down To The Lines On Their Palms.  [Obama & Osama] 

     03 - Unanswered Questions Involving America's President Obama Keep On Piling Up.
   Article Category 4: The Evils Of Rampant Satanism . . .
     01 - Those Among Us Who Salute Satanic Evil.

     02 - Inside The Unholy Of The Unholies.

     03 - So What Is So Bad About A Satanic Salute?

     04 - What Satanists Say About The Satanic Salute

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From Before Human
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The reason for human creation was known by
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Ancient records reveal
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controversial status
as a 'Savior.'

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   Article Category 2: Beliefs That Shaped Human Destiny
   Article Category 3: The Odd, Mysterious And Sinister
   Article Category 4: The Evils Of Rampant Satanism
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