Reagan & Nixon at Bohemian Grove
Inside The Unholy
Of The Unholies
AT RIGHT: A high-powered meeting inside Bohemian Grove in the wilds of California. It is where all American presidential candidates are chosen. It is also where human sacifices take place for the country's Satanists elite.

In this rare shot, taken behind closed doors of the infamous country club, former US presidents Ronald Reagan (to the speaker's right) and Richard Nixon (to his left) are clearly depicted.
So What Is So Bad About A Satanic Salute?
Satanists deliver Satanic Salute at Black Mass
  In the psychic world a symbol always connects to the reality of what it represents – always!
  In other words, energies from other dimensions flow through to us when we connect with objects of symbolic value.   Yes, a simple symbol displayed on a T-shirt will affect its wearer's energy fields and to a lesser extent those who observe it.  We all know that designs that represent the good things of life feel good, while motifs that are not so good, affect us all negatively.
Anton Le Vey the founder of modern Satanism and author of the Satanic Bible
Anton Le Vey, the author of The Satanic Bible
US President Obama displays the symbol
What Satanists Say About The Satanic Salute
  The gesture of a Horned Salute, also known as the Mano Cornuto, is described in The Satanic Bible as a sign of recognition between Satanic members for the purpose of acknowledging allegiance to Satanism and other unholy groups.
  Modern Satanism was revamped by Chicago-born Anton Le Vey (pictured above) (1930-1997) after his authorship of The Satanic Bible in 1969 and other contentious works.
  Satanism has been around for a long time, but has never been so openly blatant and infiltrated so many areas of life as it is doing right now.  There is a reason for this.  You need to know what is going on.   It is all in The Resonant Factor and so much more ... ( ... Go Back)
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ABOVE: Black-robed Satanists acknowledge the altar of the Goat of Mendes, or Bahomet, with a Satanic Salute during a Black Mass ritual. Their five-pointed pentagram is portrayed as an inverted symbol, with two points at the top representing the horns of the goat, which symbolizes a demonic connection to the evils of the Underworld.

BELOW: US President Obama delivers the Satanic Salute at a public gathering.
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