Some of the better-known celebrities who declare allegiance
to the dark side by public use of the 'Satanic Salute'
  Below are just some of a large number of world leaders and other celebrities who openly use the 'Satanic Salute' to announce allegiance to the dark side and the evils of its devil-worshipping rites and practices.
Former US President Bill Clinton
Former US President and wife Laura
Prince William of British royalty
Dan Quayle, former US Vice President
From Left: Former US President Bill Clinton; Laura and former US President, George W Bush; Prince William. of British royalty; Dan Quayle, a former US Vice President from 1989-93.
Here Are A Few More Of The
World's Satanic Elite . . .
US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton
Dick Cheney
IItalian PM Silvio Berlusconi
Italiam PM Berlusconi
Sara Palin
Former President Reagan of the US
US President Ronald Reagan
President Nicolas Sarkozy, of France.
French President Sarcozy
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Yassa Arafat
Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State
Dick Cheney, former US Vice President
Sara Palin, Gov. of State of Alaska
Yasser Arafat. late Palestinian leader
Iranian President, Ahmadinejad
  According to well informed reports there are tens of thousands of Satanic groups, many of which engage in the practice of human sacrifice.
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