Bush Wanted The Pope As Chaplain
Of The Satanic New World Order
  As President of the United States, George Bush Sr. sought the appointment of Pope John-Paul II as chaplain of a Satanic New World Order.
   In response, shortly before his death in April 2005, the pontiff called for the establishment of such an international organization.
   Both Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. are active members of the Satanic Skull and Bones organization and hold impartial memberships with the Bohemian Grove complex, a sinister Californian establishment for America's Devil-worshipping elite, which plays a major role in the selection of US Presidents.
   On the other side of the ledger, Roman Catholic popes and cardinals have been heavily into Satanic activities for centuries with the present pontiff, Benedict XVI, well-known for running with the political tide.
  In 1941, as Josef Ratzinger, a young Roman Catholic seminarian, he was conscripted into the Hitler Youth movement and thought nothing of saluting the Nazi flag.

Benedict Holds Out On Denouncing The Holocaust

While the Vatican has denied a constant stream of accusations concerning the pope's dubious wartime activities, the pontiff admits being compulsorily conscripted into Hitler Youth in 1941. The Vatican, however, had earlier rejected any notion of his affiliations with the Nazi organization.
  Although Benedict admits involvement, he strongly denies being politically active within the movement. However, old loyalties to the Third Reich are seemingly not forgotten. In recent years Israel has requested his denouncement of the holocaust, but, this leader of the Roman Church, has ignored their pleas and angered the Jewish world.
  Benedict's refusal to respect Jewish demands is seen by many – particularly the Zionists – as belligerent, with strong connections to the pontiff's early years in Nazi Germany still upheld. Some suggest the likelihood that, as a member of Hitler Youth, the young Josef Ratzinger, collaborated with the Nazis as a political informant. (To read more about the Satanic Salute CLICK HERE).

Pope Benedict XVI delivers a Satanic Salute
Pope's Blessing Involves
Double Satanic Salute

The faithful would be horrified to learn that the symbolism employed by Pope Benedict XVI is pure Satanic, acknowledging full-on allegiance to the evils of demonic occultism — everything that Christianity keeps telling us it absolutely opposes.

ABOVE: Benedict XVI indicates where his loyalties lie by the delivery of an evil, unmistakable, double-horned Satanic salute!

BELOW: Stefan Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, delivers a well executed Nazi salute as a Hitler Youth in the 1940s.

Pope Benedict Delivers Nazi Salute as a Hitler Youth

CLICK HERE to read more on Pope and paedophilia.

  Article 05: Papal Blessing & Its Connection to Satanism
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